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The era of new energy vehicles is coming

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These measures shall come into force on December 5, 2017. The Administrative Measures for the Use and Use of Official Cars of Party and Government Organs issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council on January 6, 2011 shall be abolished at the same time.
The entry of new energy vehicles into the party and government organs is another major measure for China to promote the development of new energy vehicles. The official car market is an important part of China's auto market, and the market is huge. According to China Industrial Information Network, in 2014, the sales revenue of official vehicles in China was 93.568 billion yuan, and the sales volume was 491,900. In 2015, the sales revenue reached 92.461 billion yuan and the sales volume was 462,500. It is expected that the implementation of the new regulations will bring an annual increment of 100,000 units to the new energy passenger vehicle market, which is expected to bring about 15% growth in the new energy vehicle market in 2018.

On the other hand, party and government organs have strong enforcement power over the "Administrative Measures" and can quickly form market purchasing power, which is conducive to car companies and battery companies to withdraw funds. In addition, the official vehicles purchased by the party and government organs are mainly A-level and B-class, such as the very common "Jedda" and "Passat". The entry of new energy vehicles into the official car market is conducive to the restructuring of China's new energy vehicle industry.
The entry of new energy vehicles into the official business market is not only a good news for domestic new energy vehicle companies, but also a huge boost to the entire new energy vehicle industry.
Infrastructure: Charging facilities will become the front door of the institution
New energy vehicles have a strong dependence on charging piles. With the popularization of new energy official vehicles, the construction of new charging piles by party and government organs will become a trend, which will undoubtedly provide another broad market for charging pile enterprises.
The work report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the development of clean energy is an important task for improving the energy structure, ensuring energy security, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization. This undoubtedly brings energy transformation to a new strategic level.
As an important functional department of the government, the party and government organs actively carry out the construction of new energy infrastructure. It is the implementation and implementation of the spirit of the "Nineteenth National Congress" and is a manifestation of the government's determination to develop energy transformation. New energy vehicles and charging facilities equipped by government agencies will likely become another landscape of China's new energy industry.

Business model: new energy official car or into the car operation and maintenance mode breakthrough
Professor Chen Quanshi, director of the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, told the China Mobile Network that the purpose of the government car reform is to reduce the government’s financial expenses. In the end, it is no longer necessary for the officials and cadres to use the car. The official car relies on the car rental company. dimension. New energy vehicles provide a viable foundation for the landing of this business model.
With the improvement of new energy vehicle manufacturing technology and the decline of battery system cost, the competition situation of new energy vehicles with the same price of oil and electricity will eventually be realized. The low daily maintenance costs of new energy vehicles have laid a prerequisite for the new operation and maintenance model of car rental companies. The party and government organs took the lead in using new energy vehicles, and also created a new living space for the vast number of new energy vehicle rental and operation enterprises. New energy vehicles are different from traditional fuel vehicles, and enterprises need to be involved in the management and maintenance of large-scale vehicles, which also provides a new market breakthrough for car rental operation and maintenance companies.
Battery market: need to be wary of "local protection" in the short term
The party and government organs take the lead in using new energy vehicles. From a long-term perspective, it is beneficial to the development of the power battery industry, but it may become another means of local protection in the short term.
In recent years, the power battery industry has developed rapidly, and industry experts believe that local government incentives have played a role in boosting. In the sales process of new energy vehicles, the rules and regulations of the local subsidy policy have already had obvious local protection colors.
Most of the new energy vehicles currently sold are sold to operating companies in the form of large customers. From the analysis of the consumption data of new energy vehicles in 2016, individual users actually account for only a quarter, and rental operations account for three-quarters. In the future, the government will become a major customer with great potential for new energy vehicles. At the current stage, from the perspective of attracting investment and promoting local development, the phenomenon of official vehicle procurement tending to local enterprises may be very obvious. This may cause unfair market competition and cause certain obstacles to the development of some power battery companies. However, in the long run, the party and government organs take the lead in using new energy vehicles, which will provide a huge market space for power battery companies, which is of great significance.
All in all, the party and government organs take the lead in using new energy vehicles and expanding the proportion of new energy vehicles on official vehicles. It has strong pertinence and practical significance. It is a highlight of China’s new energy vehicle development process. The development of the energy industry has great significance.