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At the two sessions, Xu Xiaolan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice president of the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, submitted eight proposals. On March 3, she highlighted two proposals for improving the level of equipment automation and identifying a quality country as a national strategy.

The level of automation is an important symbol of high-end equipment
Xu Xiaolan believes that in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, one of the directions for the revitalization and development of China's equipment manufacturing industry is to strive to improve the level of equipment automation. The development of automation equipment is changing with each passing day. If you don't master the core technology, you will easily fall into the vicious circle of introduction------------------- To this end, at the government level, the institutional mechanisms for promoting the development of equipment automation should be further improved. It is necessary to strengthen policy guidance and focus on the digestion, absorption, upgrading and innovation of imported technologies. On this basis, establish and improve the independent innovation system, increase investment in research and development, and clarify a number of key areas of automation technology research and development related to the long-term development of the equipment manufacturing industry.
At the same time, we must aim at the characteristics of equipment automation technology research and development and product application, to achieve, use and sell, to establish an efficient and coordinated integration system of production, education and research, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance equipment automation. The driving force for the development of technological independent innovation.
It is necessary to pay attention to the automation transformation and upgrading of basic production equipment, especially according to the market demand, for the frequent shortage of labor shortage, suitable for labor-intensive to technology-intensive transformation, the import of related automation production equipment is costly, the product Industries that are characterized by a high level of quality dependence on equipment automation are preferred to implement special projects. Efforts to break through the design and verification technology of large-scale complex systems, strive to improve high-end technology innovation and system integration capabilities, and strive to create a group of internationally competitive internationally competitive equipment with automation equipment development and automation equipment. Enterprise Group.

Quality improvement has become an urgent task
Improving the quality level has become an urgent task for China to accelerate the transformation of economic development. To this end, Xu Xiaolan suggested that the state should incorporate quality power into the important part of the national economic and social development strategy, mobilize the whole society to take the world's advanced quality level as the goal, and accelerate the improvement of China's product quality, engineering quality and service quality.
Xu Xiaolan also suggested that the relevant departments of the State Council should clearly put forward the strategy of implementing a quality and strong country in the "Quality Development Outline" being formulated. In terms of ideas and integrity, policies and policies, systems and mechanisms, supervision and management, technology and education, we will carefully design and plan from the macro-strategic level, promote quality development from prosperity to excellence, economic development from fast to good, and national development from Big to strong. The competent department of quality administration under the State Council may, in conjunction with personnel and finance departments, study and establish a quality incentive mechanism and establish a national quality award. For organizations that have achieved outstanding results in quality improvement, entrepreneurs, experts who have made outstanding contributions to quality management, and front-line personnel who have outstanding work in quality control are rewarded.
China Automation Society Expert Advisory Working Committee