1. 2007-2008

    In 2007, "Dongguan Yicheng Automation Equipment Factory" was established. Since then, Yicheng has been based in China's manufacturing industry.
    In 2008, when the financial crisis broke out, the global economy was frustrated. "Dangerous" and "machine" coexisted. Yicheng was sincerely united and passed this severe test.
  2. 2008-2010

    With strong technical strength, we have established cooperative relationships with many domestic and international well-known enterprises, and have grown together with these companies, making Yicheng a leader in the same industry in the region.
  3. 2010-2013

    In 2012, it was renamed as "Dongguan Yicheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.". After years of accumulation and precipitation, it has registered the "Yicheng" trademark and established a cooperative relationship with the global top 500 company "ZF" to participate in the automotive electronics industry.
  4. 2013-2015

    Become an Apple supplier and provide automated production equipment for some components of the iphone6S product. In the same year, Yicheng’s top management put forward the strategy of “One Hundred Years of Benefits”.
  5. 2015-2016

    In 2016, Shenyang Shenchuan Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Shenyang to consolidate its existing business and develop R&D investment in the medical device market and auto parts assembly market to serve the whole world.
  6. 2016-2025

    Adhering to the development strategy of "sustaining development, repaying the society, and doing a hundred years of sincerity", we will strive to become stronger and more sophisticated in the field of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent services on the basis of solid foundation in the past, and become the leading enterprise in China's automation industry.


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